The Need

The Trussell Trust has identified the following categories of people as most commonly being supported by foodbanks over ten years of operation:

  • Homeless (13%)
  • Low income groups (23%)
  • People experiencing benefit delays (28%)

Other categories include people with excessive debts, the unemployed and those suffering from domestic violence. It is likely that the category for benefit delays will increase in size.

South Kesteven has almost 11% of its 131,000 residents receiving benefits [2010 figures]. Benefits are being reviewed as part of a rigorous government change programme. It is not uncommon when a person’s benefit is reviewed that the payments ceases for a number of weeks. In addition, South Kesteven has a significant number of people who work part-time who could fall into the low income category.

The Delivery

Food donation and distribution is rigorously recorded with an online database supplied by the Trussell Trust. Food stocks are managed by weight. Vouchers are similarly recorded. Annual statistics are published in our annual reports.