Food Distribution

The foodbank is an emergency service. It exists to support individuals and families in crisis with a short term supply of food. The food is distributed from the foodbank Centre. It is necessary to obtain a foodbank voucher before going to the Centre. See opening times and location details.

The foodbank does not decide who receives the food. Care professionals and agencies issue a voucher when people who they know have an emergency situation.

The following types of agency hold vouchers in the Grantham area.

Drug & Alcohol Support
Housing Associations
Mental Health Workers
Children’s and Family Centres
Citizens Advice Bureau
Community Health Services
Some Schools, Doctors, Churches and Colleges
Job Centre Plus
Social Care Services
Ex-offender Agencies
Housing Support Services
Tenancy Support Services
Ex-Service Organisations

Sorry but we cannot supply food to people without a voucher.

This is a local service for local people. The Grantham foodbank has been set up to serve people in the Grantham area. We define this area as the town of Grantham and those villages for which Grantham is their market town. It includes, for example, Corby Glen, Bottesford, Ancaster and Long Bennington. We are not able to supply food to people living outside the Grantham area.

A three day supply of food is provided. This will be fitted to the size of the family. A menu explaining how to use the food is included. The food is packed in normal supermarket bags.

A limit of three sets of food in any six month period has been agreed. If the crisis persists beyond this, some evidence is expected from the voucher issuer that the crisis is being dealt with.